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Q. What retailers stock the product?
A. You can find Gengigel at most leading retailers including Tesco, Waitrose, Boots, and Superdrug. Alternatively you can purchase in our online shop, look out for special offers!

Q. Can you use Gengigel Gel and Mouth rinse together?
A. Yes you can. Gengigel Mouth rinse should be used daily as part of you long term oral hygiene routine, Gengigel Gel can be applied topically to particular areas of trauma. As the products are natural there is no problem in utilising them together on a frequent basis.

Q. Can you use Gengigel if you are pregnant?
A. Yes as the Gengigel range is a natural product it is completely safe to use during pregnancy and for Children

Q. What size are the bottles or Tubes?
A. Gengigel mouth rinse is 150ml and the Gel is 20ml



Q. How does it operate?
A. As the Powerfloss has no need for electricity or batteries, it has a specially designed manual operating pump, allowing you to direct at high pressure the fluid to those inaccessible areas.

Q. Can you use Mouth rinse as well as water in the Powerfloss?
A. Yes you can. There is no issue in using your mouth rinse instead of water.


If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. Please submit your enquiry to: enquires@oraldent.co.uk or 01480 862080

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