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Exploring the natural way to achieve a superior standard of infection control in the busy modern practice     02/04/2009

There has been a lot of focus on the importance of adequate infection control in dental practices of late. With the media keen to pounce on stories of patients who have been infected with e-coli and MRSA during a visit to a clinical environment, and the serious consequences of failing to meet protocols or adhere to official guidelines, there has never been a better time to appraise your infection control strategy.

In the modern clinical environment, the team needs to be increasingly vigilant against viruses and bacteria. The threat of blood borne viruses like HIV and Hepatitis B is well known. Dentists understand that blood can be present in saliva without being visible to the naked eye. In dentistry, this is an obvious hazard, and since individuals who are infected with a blood borne virus do not always exhibit symptoms, it is vital to attain a complete patient history, and also make use of the latest barrier techniques.

Then there is the threat of the Clostridium Difficile, Streptococcus and the MRSA superbug. These are familiar names to professionals working in the dental industry, and to many who read the newspapers regularly. C. Difficile can cause symptoms resembling influenza and produces a colon infection that can leave the sufferer bloated and constipated. Other symptoms can include diarrhoea and ulcers in the intestines, which is very painful. Blood is often present in stools.

Streptococci are found quite naturally in the throat and mouth, but certain species can cause a variety of ailments from meningitis to necrotising fasciitis, also known as ‘flesh-eating bacteria’, most usually caused by Streptococcus pyogenes.

MRSA, sadly, needs little or no introduction. This superbug is tenacious and resistant to many antibiotics. Patients recovering from surgery are at most risk, as are elderly patients, due to compromised immune systems. It is possible for patients to be infected with MRSA without exhibiting, or suffering from symptoms. The superbug manifests itself in those less fortunate as unpleasant skin complaints, and can cause sepsis and necrotising pneumonia. Because it can survive on surfaces, it is easy for clinicians to spread MRSA from patient to patient if the proper protocols are not followed.

Fortunately, there are many solutions to maintain a level of cleanliness in the practice. MRSA, for instance, can be sanitised with products containing alcohol. However, such products can cause surface damage due to the alcohol content. There is also no residual activity (a crucial feature these days). As well as being flammable, alcohol does not destroy spores, evaporates quickly and can cause dry skin and irritation.

Oraldent is a UK-based, family-run company that is dedicated to developing preventative oral care products. Recognising the issues caused by alcohol-based cleaning products, and the need for an alcohol-free answer to infection control, Oraldent now provides Citroxx Bio™, for safe, skin-friendly and effective surface cleaning.

A comprehensive system enables a flexible approach

As every practice is unique, Citroxx Bio™ is available in several different forms. The dental team can benefit from Citroxx Bio™ hand gel, waste cleaner, quick and easy surface wipes and cleaning & disinfectant liquid.

This range of options means that not only do clinicians get an ideal hand-washing product that is alcohol-free and kind to skin, they also have a range of products to suit their needs.

Any spillages that may contain blood, saliva and infective material need to be quickly cleared, and cleaning & disinfectant liquid is ideal for this. The surface wipes are suitable for rapid cleaning, for VDUs and equipment assemblies as well as door handles and grips.

The 100% organic option

The active ingredient of this 100% natural organic anti-microbial agent is Citroxx, a potent non-toxic biocide extracted from orange pith. It is this that makes the range so effective against MRSA, C. difficile, Hepatitis B and Streptococcus.

Citroxx Bio™ breaks down the protective biofilm and destroys the cell walls of bacteria and viruses. Its broad-spectrum activity is lethal against up to 99.9998% of dangerous pathogens. To put this into perspective, this makes it 100 times more powerful than disinfecting and cleaning products that promise 99.9% effectiveness.

For instance, in 1ml of infected material, there might be 10,000 viruses. With 99.9% effective treatment, 10 viruses could remain. With a 99.9998% effective treatment, 0.1 viruses would remain. That’s a major difference. Citroxx Bio™ is so potent that it can even be trusted to work even when organic matter is present.

Safe and effective

Bringing Citroxx Bio™ into the practice carries with it a wealth of benefits. The range is safe for regular use, and is kind to hands due to its natural, alcohol-free ingredients. This promotes hand washing and the disinfection of latex gloves too, as the clinician will not experience any discomfort and the surface of the gloves will not be damaged.

The product range is free from mutagens and carcinogens. The solution is non-toxic to protect the wellbeing of clinicians and patients, and it also non-toxic and non-tainting to avoid damaging surfaces. It is also non-volatile, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Lasting vigilance

Nobody doubts the effectiveness of alcohol against bacteria. However, it needs time to work, and because it can evaporate, it often loses its potency before disinfection is achieved. One key benefit of alcohol-free Citroxx Bio™ is that it has an ongoing residual effect. It doesn’t evaporate as quickly as alcohol alternatives, and works to prevent bacterial re-infection.

Proven effectiveness for a reliable infection control system

It is vital that the products used in the practice for infection control have proven effectiveness, so that results can be predicted. The best products are subjected to rigorous testing, to ensure not only that they are effective against bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and protozoa. Citroxx Bio™, for instance, has been subjected to up-to-date tests to ensure its effectiveness against any mutations that could have occurred.

Periostat: an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of chronic periodontitis     17/10/2008

Periostat® (doxycycline): an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of chronic periodontitis

Oraldent, the family-run preventative oral care product specialist, is proud to be the UK distributor of Periostat®, a prescription-only film-coated tablet for the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

The underlying risk factors of periodontitis exacerbate the action of tissue-destroying enzymes primarily responsible for the breakdown of the periodontium, potentially leading to attachment loss, bone or tooth loss.

With a sub-antimicrobial dose of 20mg doxycycline, Periostat® helps to inhibit harmful collagenases that damage tooth attachment structures. It can even reverse the disease process.(1)

Specifically formulated to suppress the enzymes that are primarily responsible for damaging the periodontium, Periostat® has been designed to be taken twice a day as an adjunct to scaling and root planing with the duration of treatment recommended to last at least three months.

(1) Preshaw P.M et al., J Clin. Periodontal, 2004; 31:697-707

For more information please call 01480 862080,
email enquiries@oraldent.co.uk


Do you have periodontal disease? Do you have swollen, red bleeding gums, persistent bad breath or tooth sensitivity? If so, you may have some form of periodontal disease.


• No.1 cause of tooth loss in adults
• Affect more than half of people over age 30
• Often painless and may go undetected
• May be genetic and inherited


• Painless
• Non-Antibiotic
• Quick
• Effective
• Safe

Periodontal diseases occur when a bacterial infection develops where the gums join the teeth. Harmful bacteria release enzymes that can cause underlying bone loss, receding gums and eventual tooth loss.

Bacteria associated with periodontal diseases can travel into the bloodstream and may result in other adverse health effects. This makes early detection of periodontal diseases critical.

In a healthy mouth, shallow (1-3 mm deep) pockets exist where the teeth meet the gums. When gum disease occurs, these pockets deepen. Deeper pockets accumulate harmful bacteria, which may lead to increased gum inflammation and eventual bone loss. Your Dentist or Dental Hygienist evaluates the health of your gums during an examination that includes probe readings to measure the depth of your pockets.

Periowave™ is a quick and painless technology that works to kill the bacteria associated with periodontal diseases, without the promotion of antibiotic resistance. Periowave™ utilizes a non-thermal laser light combined with a photosensitizing solution designed to kill bacteria associated with the diseases. Killing the bacteria halts the progression of the disease and allows healing to begin.

Dental Professional login to our Professional’s Area for product information.

Tender Loving Care for suffers of Periodontal Disease     16/06/2008

Periodontal disease prevents effective dental treatment, and dentists need all the help they can get to combat it in order to provide a complete service for their patients. Photodynamic Disinfection (PDD) and Periowave™ bolster the dentist’s arsenal.

Periowave™ is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial system targeting subgingival bacteria, protease, collagenase and other virulence factors. It works by non-thermal laser light activation of the photosensitizer, which is formulated to exhibit muco-adhesive properties. Activation leads to the production of reactive oxygen species, lethally disrupting the cell walls of bacteria and rendering bacterial toxins inactive.

Dr Helen Whitby of the Philip S Burns & Associates Dental Practice, Sheffield, is happy with the results of Periowave™. “There is considerably less bleeding after treatment and the pocket depths are reduced,” she says. “Patients have noted that any bad taste has disappeared and there is far less tenderness in the gums. Patients have been delighted with the treatment.”

Benefits of Periowave™ include:

• No known resistance
• No antibiotic side effects
• Non-damaging to host tissues
• Short treatment time per periodontal site
• No patient compliance issues

When combined with scaling and root planing, Periowave™ PDD has been seen to significantly increase clinical attachment level at 12 weeks, reduce probing depth at 12 weeks and decrease bleeding on probing at 6 weeks. [1]

1 Loebel N, Andersen R, Hammond D, Leone S and Leone V, Ondine Biopharma Corporation, Non Surgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis Using Photoactivated Disinfection. International Association of Dental Research, March 2006. (http://iadr.confex.com/2006Orld/techprogram/abstract_72235.htm)

The 100% Natural Solution to Periodontal Disease and Bad Breath     13/03/2008

The problems caused by plaque are well known. This build-up of microbes, if left untreated, leads to the production of acids that demineralise tooth surfaces. Saliva is unable to penetrate the biofilm of plaque, leaving the patient susceptible to tooth decay, bad breath and gum disease.

In order to maintain good oral hygiene, plaque build-up must be prevented. New research carried out at the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University has demonstrated that Citroxx is not only effective in killing the bacteria that lead to the build up of plaque but it is also effective in killing the micro-organisms within established plaque (biofilm). This is a highly significant aspect of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Citroxx™ is a completely natural anti-microbial agent sourced from the pith of oranges. It is 99.998% effective in killing the bacteria known to cause bad breath and plaque. OralClens mouthwash and toothpaste available from Oraldent contain Citroxx as the active anti-microbial ingredient.

‘Our findings have demonstrated the extensive anti-microbial powers of Citroxx™, and its ability to kill the bacteria that can build up on the teeth and oral soft tissues.’
Dr David Williams, Cardiff University

‘We have successfully harnessed the power of Citroxx™ in producing an effective natural mouthrinse and toothpaste and we are turning our attention to using Citroxx™ in a range of technologically advanced products.’
Scientist Howard Thomas, Citroxx Biosciences

Prevention in Progress at the 2007 BDTA Dental Showcase     22/10/2007

Oraldent’s exciting range of established and new products, which included the innovative Periowave™, Chlo-site and OralClens product range, attracted huge interest at the 2007 Dental Showcase.

Oraldent’s broad-spectrum anti-microbial Periowave™, that combines wavelength-matched photosensitizers to target the residual pathogens from root planing and scaling, was of most interest.

Chlo-Site, a new xanthan gel where the ancillary action of chlorhexidine assures both active and passive disinfection coverage at the application site for up to a fortnight, together with the NEW OralClens Citroxx-based range of toothpastes and mouthwash, were a close second.

Oraldent is totally committed to the best Oral Health and offers a range of effective and respected innovative products from new to established.

Periowave™ Receives A Staggering Response In Warwickshire!     19/07/2007

Husband and wife partners Tony and Lisa Appleton took over Church Street Dental Practice in Warwickshire, a totally private practice, 3 years ago and have been working to improve the image of the practice and the treatments offered ever since. By investing in up to date technology and treatments the pair have successfully managed to increase both their patient base and turnover.

"We looked at each of the areas of dental care we were providing and highlighted and researched those areas we felt we could improve, including Periodontal Care. Whilst researching periodontal treatments on the Internet, we came across a number of dentists using Periowave™ in Canada and they seemed to be singing its praises. Fortunately for us our research coincided with the UK launch of the product by Oraldent and we were lucky enough to secure one of the first Periowave™ machines in the country. We have now had Periowave™ for approaching three months and are delighted with it.”

Periowave™ is the only photodynamic disinfection system on the market for use in periodontic treatment. Researched and created in the UK, this painless, technological breakthrough does not attack the good bacteria and focuses solely on the killing and selective targeting of the pathogens associated with these oral infections that scaling and root planing leave behind.

Tony and Lisa announced the arrival of Periowave™ at Church Street Dental Practice through adverts and an editorial in the local press and have been staggered at the response it received. It has demonstrated the publics increasing awareness of the problems associated with gum disease.

“Patients appreciate the pro-active treatment Periowave™ offers and are happily paying for it. The ease of the treatment is a winner with both patients and practitioners alike! Although we are still in the early stages of recording our results, initial data of pocket depth reductions suggest decreases of up to 3mm at the 6-week post-op review. Patients report that mobile teeth feel tighter and their initial periodontal symptoms have improved. We are enrolling these patients in a Periodontal Programme of follow-up care and treatment and this too has increased revenue to the practice.”

Lisa Appleton said that the practice has been “delighted with the introduction of Periowave™ and our patients reaction to it. The uptake of Periowave™ treatment by existing and new patients has amazed us and has reassured us that many people are making gum treatments a priority at last. We are currently looking to expand our periodontal team and firmly believe that Periowave™ has given us this welcome boost to the practice."

Oraldent introduce a brand new range of totally natural mouthwash and SLS free toothpaste.     19/07/2007

OralClens Natural is a brand, new range of toothpaste and mouthwash, the active ingredients of which are totally natural. Use OralClens Natural as the natural alternative to conventional, synthetic products and you’ll discover that OralClens Natural is not only highly effective but is kinder and gentler on your mouth and gums.

We all know that germs in the mouth can lead to the build up of plaque which is a major cause of tooth decay and gum disease. OralClens Natural toothpaste and mouthwash is a unique oral cleansing solution that contains a powerful anti-bacterial extracted from the pith of oranges, called Citroxx. This patented blend of non-toxic bioflavinoids and fruit acids has been proven in laboratory tests to kill most oral pathogens.
OralClens Natural contains no alcohol, no SLS, no synthetic anti-bacterials, and absolutely no synthetic sweeteners or flavourings.

Use OralClens Natural toothpaste and mouthwash together and you can not only help loosen and remove existing plaque, but also reduce further plaque build up. The Citroxx natural anti-bacterial will kill the germs that can cause bad breath and protect against cavities.
Suitable for both adults and children, OralClens Natural will leave your mouth feeling fresher and cleaner. Available in fresh ‘mint’ flavour or tasty ‘citrus’, OralClens is an exciting new alternative to anything else on the market today. No other mouthwash or toothpaste compares! Switch to OralClens for a safe, natural and highly effective way to look after your oral health.

Manage perio pockets with new gel     27/06/2007

The new, safe and easy way to manage periodontal pockets is with Chlo-Site from Oraldent - the new, non-surgical option for the most efficient healing of periodontal wounds and related problems.

Composed of an innovative type of xanthan gel - a hugely advantageous vehicle for clinical applications, Chlo-Site is the only gel where the accessory action of chlorhexidine is capable of maintaining the gel free of contamination for at least 15 days. Thanks to the muco-adhesive properties of the xanthan, Chlo-site adheres to the mucosal tissues acting as a sterile barrier that physically impedes the re-colonisation of bacteria.

Chlorhexidine is present in the gel at a concentration of 1.5%, of which 0.5% is in the form of a fast releasing digluconate and the remaining 1% is in the form of a slow releasing dihydrochloride to maintain the microbiological integrity of the xanthan gum
Supplied in ready to use disposable syringes, Chlo-Site is easily applied into the deepest portion of the periodontal pocket with the specifically designed rounded tip needle to minimize trauma to the tissues. Chlo-site is effective as an adjunctive in the management of periodontal and peri-implant pockets and unlike other topical treatments, will not induce bacterial resistance.

For further information on Chlo-Site from Oraldent, please contact 01480 862080.

Success with Periowave     04/05/2007

Periowave™ Photodynamic Disinfection (PDD) from Oraldent is a revolutionary new treatment for periodontal disease. Used as an adjunctive treatment, the system uses a non-thermal diode laser technology with photosensitizers to destroy the periodontal pathogens that scaling and root planing leave behind.

Mr Phil Lucas EDH, from 10 Dental in Southport was the first to purchase the machine in November and is delighted with the results so far. In terms of treating periodontal diseases, ‘the short-term evidence is very good. The most immediate results have been reduced bleeding on probing, reduced oedema and erythaemia. An unexpected positive side effect from treatment has been reduced tenderness of the treated site almost immediately’.

Most of Mr Lucas’ patients have found the treatment pain free and additionally like the idea that Periowave™ negates the need for antibiotics or other chemical medicaments.

‘Periowave™ is very easy to use both clinically and for preparation o f use, which makes it very easy to transfer between surgeries. I would most definitely recommend it to other dentists. It is quick, cost effective, liked by the patient and is an easily marketable product, which makes it both highly profitable and a good practice builder.

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